What is The Journey?

The Journey is a 9-month Discipleship process to help individuals find an intimate, abiding relationship with Christ that will enable them to become Influencers in their world.


“I am the vine; you are the branches. If a man remains in Me and I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from Me you can do nothing.”

Jesus- John 15:5


For centuries, men and women have been seeking God in various ways, but given the performance-oriented nature of men, most have sought to reach Him through activity. Jesus Himself said that unless a man remains, or “abides” in Him, he can do nothing. The Journey helps believers learn to “Be still and know that He is God,” and to draw close to Him through His Word before endeavoring to “do” anything for Him.

Through this, God helps remove the hindrances in their lives, so He can bear fruit in them. The Fruit of the Spirit enables the gifts of the Spirit.  Journey participants become Influencers for God in their families and their world.


Journey Seasons run August to May

Where: Download the Church Center App for Locations and Times

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The Process

Small-Group Discussion Meetings
A Journey group meets every week or every other week for about 9 or 10 months, either in person or online. You will get to have candid conversations with this group, share spiritual discoveries and encourage one another.

Personal Bible Study including Journaling
We will teach you how to connect with God through His Word. One key tool we use is Journaling. Our goal is for you to have a hunger for God’s Word and become a self-feeder.

Personal Guides to help show the way
Every Journey Group has Guides who are on The Journey with you. They are not teachers or counsellors, but rather, facilitators to help point you in the right direction and to monitor your progress.

We incorporate 3 different retreats where you will spend extended time with your group and with the Lord. All of these are designed to help you carve out more time for intimacy with The Father.

Take The Journey from Anywhere

Thanks to Zoom technology, anyone who has a smartphone, tablet or computer with access to high-speed internet can go through a Journey Group.  We did our first pilot of a Virtual Journey Group in 2018 (before COVID or Zoom was a thing) and we saw that God could use technology to help make disciples.  Now, we have a few years of experience and hundreds of men, women and couples have gone through The Journey in a Virtual Group.


This has opened avenues to reach people who are hungry for an abiding relationship with Christ in cities where we don’t currently have an active Branch.  It is also allowing current Influencers to invite their friends and family members who live in other cities.  Once someone completes The Journey virtually, many of these new Influencers are starting Journey groups in their own cities.  We are watching God expand this ministry amazingly in the midst of a worldwide pandemic and social distancing and quarantining.


Only God could do that.

How to Get Registered for a Group?


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